Saturday, November 13, 2010

Trappole (Art Trove, 15 Nov 2010)


Trappole was a exhibition curated by Daniela Beltrani, featuring works by Ezzam Rahman, Kenneth Feinstein, Matthew Bax, Rajinder Singh, and Zaki Razak. Although I sadly did not take any pictures at the exhibition, it is still worth a note here, being one of the more unusual exhibitions I've been to here.

The gallery Art Trove, while situated in what seems like a naturally popular area for commercial galleries, had not yet formally opened for business yet, so one had to locate this venue first. And it was not quite the conventional exhibition either, as finding the works within the space was yet another feat in itself. Audiences arrived with an expectation of seeing works but instead were greeted by a scene which was "still under construction"; Rajinder's large broken concrete walls in the centre of the space, Ken Feinstein's ants crawling over the walls, Ezzam's video next to a kettle, Matthew Bax's Construction signs, and not forgetting Zaki Razak's subliminal smells of Laksa in the room (which was sometimes interpreted as various other food smells, such as mushroom?). In any case, a simple but elegantly conceptualised exhibition by Daniela, and I look forward to more daring things to come!

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