Sunday, November 21, 2010

Trans-Cool Tokyo @ 8Q Singapore Art Museum


Trans-Cool Tokyo is a show which needs little introduction, with big and easily recognisable names such as Ryoji Ikeda, Yayoi Kusama, Takashi Murakami, Yoshitomo Nara, and Kohei Nawa. Over 40 works have been brought over from the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, many of which are practically icons of contemporary Japanese art and "superflat".

(Even the general Singaporean public might be aware of Yayoi Kusama since the "Ascension of Polkadots on the Trees" in 2006 (at the 2006 Singapore Biennale) when all the trees along the popular shopping area near Orchard and Scotts Road were covered in polka dots, prompting fervid outcries of "WHAT? POLKA DOTTED ROAD DECORATIONS ARE ART? HOW ABOUT I POLKA DOT YOU TOO?")


Standing innocently in the front of the exhibition, this well-taxidermied and baubled deer is the star of the exhibition. Yes, I know all of you came here just to see Kohei Nawa's famed Pixcell Deer (#17). The concept is brilliant (buying taxidermied animals on ebay), and best of all it is shiny and mesmerizing. Is that fur I see, supermagnified by the crystal balls? Why yes, I do like shiny things, and I do buy very many shiny things on the internet as well.


Ryoji Ikeda's Data Matrix [no 1-10] is a great epilepsy-inducing experience which I think could have been improved with either louder speakers or the addition of MIRRORS! Eitherways it is a physically enjoyable experience!



Out of all the works at the show, I really liked Michihiro Shimabuku's "Tour of Europe with One Eyebrow" and "Then, I decided to give a tour of Tokyo to the octopus from Akashi"; it is easy to see why its my favourite amongst all the works, because his work is focused on social awareness and in the process of making his works he also makes a documentation of local communities. I approve!

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