Friday, December 17, 2010

“Is that a temple?” (Evil Empire, 17 Dec 2010) "The Society of Independent Artists was an association of American artists founded in 1916 and based in New York. Based on the French Société des Artistes Indépendants, the goal of the society was to hold annual exhibitions by avant-garde artists. Exhibitions were to be open to anyone who wanted to display their work, and shows were without juries or prizes… The first show in 1916 displayed 2,000 pieces from artists around the world."
– Wikipedia

As part of an exhibition to be held at the end of the year, part of “Is that a temple?” is a re-enactment of the Society of Independent Artists exhibitions of the 1910s, as a platform for artists of any style, any caliber, to present their work in an exhibition format for no monetary cost. As mode of validation, this portion of the exhibition revolves around artists contributing their own work in the construction of a mode of presentation that can be replicated and redesigned for years to come in Singapore."

Is that a Temple?

Salon style arrangement of works


Closeup of Siah's map of Geophysiological Locations

Is that a Temple?

Is that a Temple? An investigation.

2902 Retrospective (2902 Gallery, 17 Dec 2010)

selection of images which i particularly enjoyed from 2902


lim thian leong - liminality

a series of night images of empty billboards, "exploring the dislocation of the structure beyond intended utilitarian meaning and function". in my perspective though, perhaps because singapore has no billboards, my only visual reference of such billboards would be the ones i've seen in KL and Indonesia. therefore an image of billboards exhibited in singapore is immediately foreign to me.

ang song nian

ang song nian - and now, like sleeping flowers

a study on "human intervention in nature".

samantha tio

samantha tio - concrete euphoria

urban kaleidoscope taken entirely in camera on large format. easily mistaken for digital compositing, somehow the knowledge that the manual process in which this image has been made makes the image more special.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Supersonic Sound Fest 2010 (Home Club, 10 Dec 2010)

Picture 9

Under the Velvet Sky

Supersonic Sound Fest! I really liked Under the Velvet Sky and MellonYellow (Jakarta) in particular, who played first. Stellarium was also quite good but the sound seemed not so clear during their set (resulting in muddy bootlegs - is this why they call them bootlegs? because the sound is sometimes muddy?). and as it frequently turns out, just hanging around outside Home Club by the river is always a blast - colliding with strangers and meeting old friends, trading ridiculous stories, peoplewatching, sipping a cool cider and hatching new schemes deep into the night... the rain came and the crowds ran for cover. we walked down the river in the rain, and the lights were shimmering bright red from the bridge on the bay.

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Observatory Live at Enter Twilight (Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, 3 Dec 2010)



The Observatory played three sets of their songs from over the years at the waterfront on 3 Dec 2010. Sound seemed a little muddy at the venue, with volumes peaking during the harsher noisier songs, but the softer, acoustic numbers were a delight to listen to.

The Observatory - Another Passerby (Live, Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, 3 Dec 2010)

The Observatory - Time of Rebirth (Live, Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, 3 Dec 2010)

The Observatory - This Sad Song (Live, Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, 3 Dec 2010)

The Observatory - Live Excerpt (Live, Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, 3 Dec 2010)