Friday, December 10, 2010

Supersonic Sound Fest 2010 (Home Club, 10 Dec 2010)

Picture 9

Under the Velvet Sky

Supersonic Sound Fest! I really liked Under the Velvet Sky and MellonYellow (Jakarta) in particular, who played first. Stellarium was also quite good but the sound seemed not so clear during their set (resulting in muddy bootlegs - is this why they call them bootlegs? because the sound is sometimes muddy?). and as it frequently turns out, just hanging around outside Home Club by the river is always a blast - colliding with strangers and meeting old friends, trading ridiculous stories, peoplewatching, sipping a cool cider and hatching new schemes deep into the night... the rain came and the crowds ran for cover. we walked down the river in the rain, and the lights were shimmering bright red from the bridge on the bay.

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