Friday, December 17, 2010

2902 Retrospective (2902 Gallery, 17 Dec 2010)

selection of images which i particularly enjoyed from 2902


lim thian leong - liminality

a series of night images of empty billboards, "exploring the dislocation of the structure beyond intended utilitarian meaning and function". in my perspective though, perhaps because singapore has no billboards, my only visual reference of such billboards would be the ones i've seen in KL and Indonesia. therefore an image of billboards exhibited in singapore is immediately foreign to me.

ang song nian

ang song nian - and now, like sleeping flowers

a study on "human intervention in nature".

samantha tio

samantha tio - concrete euphoria

urban kaleidoscope taken entirely in camera on large format. easily mistaken for digital compositing, somehow the knowledge that the manual process in which this image has been made makes the image more special.

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