Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Pearly Gates (Post Museum, 15 Jan 2011)




A collaboration between Marc Gabriel Loh, Clare Marie Ryan, Jon Stahn and Jes Brinch.

"THE PEARLY GATES is a collaboration between 2 Singaporean and 2 Danish artists. It is an installation incorporating murals, landscape paintings, sculptures, objects, lights and music, integrated into a total experience. The theme of sexual liberation has fueled a series of humorous artwork that equally depicts and transcends the conventional stereotypes of both art and sexuality."

The merlion dick is a personal favourite.

There is also a story involving us standing outside Post with cans of GODFATHER when a strange, possibly slightly drunken arabic man from yemen carrying a bottle of gin walks past and insists that me and Ivonne eat this box of mexican chili with him immediately. We determine that the food is not drugged after inviting more people to eat (and no one falls over dead). I ask him, "would you like to come in to see the art?", but to our great confusion he seemingly mishears it as "would you like to smoke a joint", because he suddenly bursts into a diatribe as such: "YOUNG GIRL YOU MUST NOT SMOKE WEED IN SINGAPORE!" "No no I did not say anything about drugs, I said, would you like to see the art inside?" "NO! DRUGS ARE BAD FOR YOU! STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS!" "Sure, but I said, art, not drugs..."


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