Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ang Song Ming + The Observatory (The Substation Theatre, 29 Jan 2011)


"No Man’s Band is an ongoing project by Song-Ming Ang, consisting of audio recordings of school band rehearsals before they formally begin. In some recordings, the individual warm-ups coalesce into collective improvisations. In others, cacophony ensues. To date, fifteen school bands have been recorded. For this presentation of No Man’s Band, Song-Ming Ang will collaborate with members of The Observatory – Evan Tan (turntable, lapsteel guitar, mic), Dharma (guitar) and Victor Low (bass, guitar, contact mics) – in which the trio will respond spontaneously to Ang’s samples in a free improvisation concert."

There was a portion I quite enjoyed in near the middle section which sounded like a UFO rising up from a golden, cloudy sky at sunset, on top of which an antennae then extended, noisily with the clattering of a tin can, and a small monkey or child scurries up to the topmost point of the antennae, and then screws on a light bulb at the very top of the floating structure in the clouds. Well that was just my interpretation.

Ang Song Ming + Evan Tan, Dharma, and Victor Low of The Observatory
Live full set (40 minutes)

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