Saturday, August 27, 2011

Field Sounds: Newton Getai

Dug up some old recordings of a Getai in the Newton Circus Carpark that were recorded back in August 2011.


Unknown Getai Singer - 我问天

There were a number of acts and I did not catch their names. But I recorded this getai singer doing an unexpectedly energetic and jaunty cover of 我问天 (I ask the heavens), theme song to the long-suffering taiwanese drama serial "爱“. (I much prefer the theme tune this way actually, rather than in its serious melodramatic ballad form - just imagine! "我问天!!!" shouted with a flourish of palms, toothy grin, and a dance of glittery sequins!)

黄青元 - 昨夜星辰

The amazing evergreen singer 黄青元 (Huang Qing Quan) made a stellar appearance at this humble stage, singing a couple of his old favourites such as 昨夜星辰 (Last night's stars).

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