Friday, October 1, 2010

Lunarin - Duae Album Launch (Arts House Playden, 1 Oct 2010)



Lunarin played to a packed one-night only crowd at the Arts House playden - a small and odd-shaped venue. Their dedication to their craft has always been apparent, and their sound is super tight, their new album is just brilliant. Linda also told a story in the middle of the gig, about how as part of their last record deal they had to have a meeting with radio executives to promote their last album, and she had even taken time off but the people she was supposed to meet did not have the courtesy to turn up. She said that she decided then that they should never ever grovel or beg for people to listen to their music again. The point anyway, was only to make the best music that they could possibly make. And that's what they're best at. Well said!

Lunarin - Live Excerpt at Duae Album Launch (Playden, 1 Oct 2010)


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